Low data usage!

An average refresh will set you back around 180kb!

Quick view your posts!

Tap on any post, to open it up inside SteemiAPP

Constantly Improving!

SteemiAPP has just started! I am constantly improving it by adding new features and fixing bugs!

SteemiAPP will never feature ads or require donations/payments to use it.

While I reserve the right to change this, the Steemit ecosystem provides
the needed funds for the development by receiving upvotes on the posts for the app
(A man's gotta eat somehow!)


lines of code and counting


revisions already released


USD from SteemiAPP posts, and counting


Cups of Coffee

Why SteemiAPP?

All the cool names I could think off, where already used

What about a license/terms/whatever?

SteemiAPP, as of June 3rd 2018, is Open Source under GPLv3. There are no terms of usage, and no privacy policy as you submit no data/passwords to the app (only your username, and I don't think you want to read a privacy policy for this).
When SteemiAPP gets posting ability, I will add Terms & Privacy policy to keep you and me safe & satisfied :P

Do you have a changelog?

Yes! You can read it by clicking here. Notice, I am updating the changelog while building the next release as well. If a release is marked as "TBD", the fixes/features mentioned there are still under development.

How can I support the development?

Upvote/resteem the posts about SteemiAPP by @dimitrisp. Or all the posts, it's up to you ;)

You accept donations?

Well, I do. Developing SteemiAPP is a very time consuming process, and is almost a full time job right now. I'm not asking you to donate, you can use the app without donating, however I'm not asking you to not donate.

Bitcoin: 1H9kD9mQC9RSjkJWYRfU3av5cJ8B2HErkE
Bitcoin Cash: qqnm07amfqrkfttu4xn3y4jpvds4g937cu24u9gpzx
Steem/SBD: @dimitrisp

Download SteemiAPP Today!

SteemiAPP, as of r16, requires around 2MB of space on your device, and uses an average of 5MB RAM and 180KB of Data to show your info.

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